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Friedrichskoog, 17.04.2014

Season opens at Mittelplate Info-Point in Friedrichskoog

  • Mittelplate series of lectures again begins with new, exciting topics in 2014
  • Info-Point extends its offering to children

For nine years now, the Info-Point located in Friedrichskoog has supplied visitors with information on the subject of working and living on the Mittelplate drilling and production island. Promptly in time for Easter, it will be opening its doors once again this year, giving holiday-makers and locals opportunities for new discoveries: Since early March, the outer facade of the Info-Point has been adorned with colourful stickers with motifs from the region. Visitors can take a poster of Mittelplate as a memento to hang up at home. This is intended to convey a vivid impression of the drilling and production island to the young visitors in particular. The annual extension of the information on offer has met with a good reception: since the reopening in 2012, over 8,100 people have visited the Info-Point.

Touchscreens, digital games and multimedia displays convey a realistic experience of Mittelplate, inviting guests to try out many different things themselves.

Exciting range of events on offer

In addition to the extensive information presented at the Info-Point, a range of presentations has been given for two years to answer the many questions raised by visitors on everything to do with oil production. The subjects are quite diverse, ranging from “Crude oil in everyday use” and a historic film evening on crude oil production in Schleswig-Holstein all the way through to insights into living and working on the drilling and production island. On Thursday, 24 April, at 18:00h, the second lecture will be held this year on the subject of “The path of the oil – from the Mittelplate reservoir to the Dieksand Land Station.”

Giving children a genuine Mittelplate experience

This year, for the very first time some presentations will be addressed directly at the younger guests. A presentation for children only is scheduled to be held in the summer holidays on the subject of “Making Mittelplate capable of being experienced by children”. “As part of a knowledge quiz, we also communicate interesting facts in connection with domestic crude oil production even to the smallest of listeners," explains Hermann Rohr, Head of the Info-Point. Additional topics for lectures and dates will be announced by posters and event news in the region as well as on the website Attendance is free of charge and restricted to 25 visitors.

Info-Point Mittelplate

Koogstraße 141 (Deichpassage)
25718 Friedrichskoog-Spitze

Opening hours

April to September 2014 Thursday to Sunday, 2pm to 5 pm


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Head of Corporate Communications
T: +49 (0)40 – 63 75 2511
M: +49 (0)162 – 273 2511

Derek Mösche
Press Spokesperson
T: +49 (0)40 – 63 75 2670
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