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Friedrichskoog, 28.08.2017

Immense run on DEA in Friedrichskoog 30 years’ safe oil extraction on Mittelplate Island

At an extremely sunny Open House Day at DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG on Saturday, 26 August, some 1,000 visitors were able to obtain information on topics surrounding the extraction and processing of crude oil on Mittelplate Island. An extensive accompanying programme, also for children, ensured a pleasant and entertaining atmosphere. The reason for this event was the 30-year anniversary of the Mittelplate drilling and production island. “DEA made use of this event to express its gratitude to all citizens of the Dithmarschen region in Schleswig-Holstein, to partners and contractors as well as its workforce for 30 years’ cooperation and support. Only in this way was it possible for the project to acquire its very good reputation and its status as an international case study for responsible oil production,” explained Wolfgang Faist, Head of DEA’s Holstein Production District.

In typical summer temperatures, many citizens of the region, holidaymakers, day trippers and employees descended on the venue with their families. The junior guests managed to have themselves trained as children drilling masters, followed by a good romp on jumping castles and bungee trampolines. 

Inside the 3D Cube, the guests were able to obtain a real impression of Mittelplate island: this was possible thanks to state-of-the-art 360-degree imagery that conveyed a 3D impression of Mittelplate island when viewed through data glasses. The virtual guided tour gave viewers the impression of actually having been there on site.

On numerous professional guided tours of Mittelplate island, visitors were given a readily understandable introduction to the technical workflows involved in oil extraction and processing. The programme was rounded off by many participation games, quizzes and a presentation of the safety and rescue equipment, with visitors being given the opportunity to climb into a life-saving raft and to try on life jackets. 

“We’re delighted with this immense response and easy, pleasant atmosphere. And we really enjoyed acquainting the guests a little with our work,” said Operations Head Faist in summing up the successful event. “Our special thanks go to the voluntary fire brigade of Friedrichskoog, which ensured that the visitors had plenty to eat at a round-the-clock barbecue,” said Faist. 

The Holstein Production District extends to include the Dieksand Land Station as well as Mittelplate, Germany’s only offshore crude oil drilling and production island. The Production District and its workforce of around 90 employees have been coordinating the safe oil production from Mittelplate, Germany’s largest crude oil reservoir, for 30 years now. Since production commenced in the year 1987, DEA as operator and its partner Wintershall (each with a 50 per-cent share) have already produced 34 million tons of oil. Based on today’s criteria, a further 20 million tons of crude oil are considered to be technically and commercially recoverable.

Background information
The year 1985 saw the beginning of construction of the Mittelplate drilling and production island off the western coast of the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, where Germany’s biggest oil reservoir has been in production since 1987. Since the year 2000, oil has been produced not only offshore from Mittelplate island, but also onshore, from a drilling site near Friedrichskoog. Thanks to its high safety and environmental protection standards, the drilling and production island is regarded as a positive example of responsible oil production. In addition, domestic oil production in Dithmarschen supports some 1,000 jobs along the western coast of Schleswig-Holstein.

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