Provision of general data and information

Wintershall Dea makes every effort to ensure that the information and data contained on its website is correct. However, we can accept no liability or guarantee that the information and data provided is up-to-date, correct and complete. This also applies for all other websites referred to by means of a hyperlink. Nor is WINTERSHALL DEA responsible for the contents of such websites reached by means of such a link. WINTERSHALL DEA reserves the right to modify or supplement the information or data provided without prior notice.

Contractual relations

The Website mittelplate.com contains cooperations with different service providers. WINTERSHALL DEA enables users of its websites to access the offer pages of partner enterprises. Users of the website mittelplate.com enter into a contractual relationship with the respective service provider through the use of their services. The corresponding terms and conditions of this service provider are then applicable. The legal and textual responsibility for the services offered on the offer pages of the partner enterprises lies solely with the respective partner enterprise whose website are linked via the WINTERSHALL DEA websites. If the services of a service provider are used, contractual relationships arise exclusively with the respective partner enterprises and the user according to the terms applicable for this contractual relationship.


WINTERSHALL DEA cannot be held liable for the actions of partner enterprises. WINTERSHALL DEA assumes no liability for the availability or freedom from troubles of the services offered under Wintershall Dea-group.com. Nor does Wintershall Dea assume any responsibility or liability that the services offered by one of the partner enterprises under mittelplate.com complies with statutory regulations.

Wherever WINTERSHALL DEA offers services itself, the General Terms and Conditions of the respective WINTERSHALL DEA group company offering the services shall be applicable and these are available at the appropriate place.

As for the rest, WINTERSHALL DEA can only be held liable - on whatever legal grounds, including forbidden

actions -,

  • if WINTERSHALL DEA, its organs or executive staff cause a damage through gross negligence or with intent or culpably violate an obligation that is essential to the contract (cardinal obligation) in manner that endangers the purpose of the contract, or
  • if other persons employed in performing an obligation of WINTERSHALL DEA who are not organs or executive violate an obligation that is essential to the contract (cardinal obligation) in a manner that endangers the purpose of the contract through gross negligence or with intent.
  • If organs or executive staff of WINTERSHALL DEA do not violate a cardinal obligation through gross negligence or with intent, WINTERSHALL DEA's liability is restricted to such typical damage that was reasonably foreseeable on conclusion of the contract. This limitation of liability also applies for the extent of damage.

The liability of WINTERSHALL DEA according to the product liability law and other mandatory statutory regulations remains unaffected by the foregoing limitation of liability. Any further liability on the part of WINTERSHALL DEA is excluded.

Price quotations for products and services shown at all WINTERSHALL DEA Websites are subject to correction.


The content of the WINTERSHALL DEA website is copyright protected. The copying of information or data, particularly the use of texts, parts of texts or pictorial material, requires the prior consent of WINTERSHALL DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG. The texts and pictorial material offered expressly for further distribution in the "Media library" chapter are exempted from this.

The usage rights lie with - unless otherwise noted – WINTERSHALL DEA. Copying and unallowed usage, both for commercial and for non-commercial use, without prior approval of the respective rights owners is prohibited.

Applicable law

All information or data, its use and the log-in into WINTERSHALL DEA websites as well as all actions, tolerations or nonactions associated with the WINTERSHALL DEA websites are subject exclusively to German law. The place of jurisdiction is Hamburg.

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